Recent donations

I would like to take a moment to thank the businesses and individuals who have donated to us over the last few weeks . These donations allow us to do what we do.

Russell trust donated £850 which has allowed us to purchase another piece of sensory equipment for kaleidoscope.

Yorkshire Bank donated £100 from their customer donation scheme.

Masonic lodge  again have donated £408, we have had amazing support from Colin Davie .  these guys over this past year.

Raytheon have donated £250 which will go towards having a family day outing .

Leven swimming pool donated £106 from sales of raffle tickets for their Xmas cake raffle.

Helen Anderson, James , Kimi and Jennifer saved up their pennies and donated £32.65 to us.

Buckhaven parish church have donated a fantastic amount of £948.89 which will be used towards improving our space . Indoors and out.

Sarah Ferrier and the kids from lawhead after school club donated £ 140 from holding their Xmas fayre. This money has been used to purchase some smaller sensory items for kaleidoscope.

I can't thank everyone enough for their kindness and support. It truly does mean so so much. Thank you all. .

Liza Quin